13th meeting of the International Committee on Contaminated Land (ICCL)
3rd - 6th October 2017 - Copenhagen, Denmark

ICCL is pleased to announce that the ICCL 2017 events will take place in Copenhagen (Denmark) in October 2017:

  • 3 October Afternoon - 4 October: ICCL network meeting
  • 5 October - 6 October morning: the "open workshop" which will be a joint workshop with the NICOLE network
  • 6 October Afternoon: field trip

The Common Forum network will be offered to meet the 3 October morning.

Details will follow in a couple of weeks.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Dominique Darmendrail, general secretary of the Common Forum on Contaminated Land in Europe and of the ICCL.